Nomadic Journalism Adventure Igniter

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Nomadic Journalism Adventure Igniter

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With the Nomadic Journalism Adventure Igniter, the action-packed trip you have always dreamed of taking becomes a reality, all while beginning to build a media brand for yourself.

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Nomadic journalist Josh Friedman walks you through the process of going from being in a cocoon to setting foot in a new country on a journey of exploration and journalistic pursuits. Learn to overcome indecision, travel to targeted destinations and launch media platforms that will build your personal brand, business and/or journalism career.


Drop the lame work life and take these 6 steps to lift off on your first nomadic journalism mission:

1. Identify the mission behind your mission - the driving force
2. Zero in on your destination – think but not for long
3. Book the trip – use the tools you’ve got now
4. Launch a platform – it’s a means not an end
5. A reporter's as good as his sources - plant seeds and cultivate leads
6. Set foot in a new country and press publish - pull the trigger, feel the fulfillment


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